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Controlling Viscosity for Uniform Fine Wire Coating

Jan 24, 2019 10:00:00 AM / by Admin

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Boston—How do you control coating on wire that is finer than a human hair? This is the challenge faced by manufacturers of 30 – 300 micron diameter wire known as winding wire, magnet wire or fine wire. These wires are key components in electric motors, transformers and electric coils required in appliances, cars and other powered devices.  

The enamel coating controls the dielectric insulating characteristics of the wire and has a major impact on wire quality. The viscosity of the liquid enamel is a direct measure of the amount of coating solids in the fluid. By controlling the coating viscosity in-process, the wire manufacturers control the uniformity of the insulation on the wire.

The engineering chief at one of the largest Asian makers of fine wire indicates they run continuous, high volume wire lines in factories in Japan and China that can experience large temperature swings. “We tried many viscometers and chose Cambridge. We have found them to be extremely reliable in addition to meeting our accuracy targets. Further, they incorporate temperature compensation which mathematically adjusts viscosity for changes in temperature so the viscosity can be tightly controlled.”

According to Cambridge Sales Director Patrick Riley, “Cambridge’s viscometers are used by leading wire manufacturers in North America and Europe, in addition to Asia. Our instruments are accurate, compact, easy to install, require very low maintenance, and are extremely robust.” 

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