In-Line Viscometer 392 Flanged

In-line Viscometer 392

The Model SPC/L392 in-line viscometer sensor provides continuous measurement of temperature and viscosity. The sensor can be used with our VISCOpro electronics to meet any viscosity management application.

Our patented technology is based on a simple and reliable electromagnetic concept. Two coils pull a piston back and forth within a constantly refreshed sample of process fluid. Proprietary circuitry analyzes the piston’s travel time to measure absolute viscosity. A built in temperature detector (RTD) senses the actual temperature in the measurement chamber.

Measurements can be made in any of the 13 different 20:1 viscosity ranges that are available covering a span of 0.2 to 20,000 cP.

The sensor is designed with a four bolt stainless steel SAE Code 61 flange and is easily installed in pipelines ranging from 2” and larger in size. Custom Tees are available. The back of the sensor is fitted with a 3/4“-18 NPT fitting to accommodate electrical conduit. The sensor’s self-cleaning feature helps to make it maintenance free in many applications.

*NOTE: ALL ATEX SENSORS ARE SPL ONLY (L = hard wired, C = connector).

Key Features:

• Accurate and reliable  • Rugged, light-weight stainless steel design  • Easily installed and serviced  • One moving part, no wear points  • Proven technology  • Internal temperature probe  • Mates with SAE Code 61 companion flange

Correlates with ASTM D445.


• Approved for Class 1, Div. 1, Group C & D
• Approved for EEx d IIC T2, -20C<Tamb<190C


SPL 392 drawing.png



Viscosity 0.2 to 20,000 centipoise (cP)
Piston Ranges 0.2-2cP, 0.25-5cP, 0.5-10cP, 1-20cP,
2.5-50cP, 5-100cP, 10-200cP, 25-500cP,
50-1,000cP, 100-2,000cP, 250-5,000cP,
500-10,000cP, 1,000-20,000cP
Viscosity Accuracy ± 1.5% with VISCOpro 1000 electronics;
± 1.0% with VISCOpro 2000 electronics
Repeatability ± 0.8% of Reading
Temperature Sensor 4 wire internal RTD
Wetted Materials 316L and 430 Stainless Steel
Maximum Particle Size 25-360 microns (Range Dependent)
Max Ambient Temperature 375°F (190°C)
Max Operating Pressure 1,000 psi (70.3 bar)
Standard Cable Length 15 feet (4.5 meters)
Power Requires VISCOpro electronics

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