Measuring Oil Viscosity on Engines and Compressors

Viscosity Analysis Helps Avoid Equipment Failure by Detecting Oil Degradation in Vapor Recovery and Refrigeration Compressor Applications

Cambridge Viscosity’s viscometers detect, measure, and monitor changes in oil and lubrication viscosity, so you can take action before oil degradation leads to bigger issues with your rotating equipment.

  • Identifies early warning signs of oil degradation

  • Detects, measures, and monitors changes in viscosity, so operators can take corrective action at the first sign of oil degradation

  • Conducts both off-line (in a lab) and in-line (on equipment) oil analysis at consistent intervals and in real-time to identify trends that precede equipment issues or failures

  • Optimizes equipment performance and reduces lifecycle costs through oil condition monitoring

  • Needs no operator intervention

Oil Analysis and Monitoring

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Cambridge Viscosity’s Viscometers Track and Ensure Oil Health

Good oil health and correctly lubricated machinery improves overall reliability and reduces the likelihood of unplanned downtime. This makes the equipment more efficient and positively impacts fuel economy and emissions, while reduces maintenance costs. This ultimately improves profitability. 


Conversely, when oil degradation occurs, it can lead to inefficient operation and equipment failures—and higher operating costs. 


Oil degradation can result from many things—oxidation, thermal breakdown, and contamination are just a few—and these can directly affect the oil’s viscosity.  Cambridge Viscosity’s viscosity analysis systems successfully detect, measure, and monitor these changes in viscosity, enabling operators to take corrective action to preserve the quality of the end product.


Oil analysis can be conducted both off-line (in laboratory settings) and in-line (on equipment). Oil analysis in labs is often accurate, but because samples are tested infrequently and inconsistently, it is difficult to identify serious trends prior to expensive or catastrophic failures. Real-time on-machine oil condition monitoring is a better choice for optimizing equipment performance and life-cycle costs.


Cambridge Viscosity’s single-sample viscometers are used successfully in both oil analysis labs and condition monitoring environments for their accuracy, reliability, operator-independent results, and small sample requirements. In fact, the US Army has documented Cambridge Viscosity’s effectiveness for real-time tracking of fuel dilution, water contamination, soot levels, and oxidation in on-engine monitoring of lubrication oil.



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