Process Viscometers

Designed for the Changing Dynamics and Rugged Conditions of the Process Industries.
Viscometer Systems That Are Designed for Process Applications
ViscoPro 2100 Process Viscometer

ViscoPro 2100

Online Viscosity

ViscoPro 2000 Process Viscometer

ViscoPro 2000

Process Viscometer

In-Line and In-Tank Viscometers for Process Industries

ViscoPro viscometers are unmatched. 
Extremely Accurate

Accuracy: ±1.0% of full scale (correlates to ASTM D445)

Extremely Reliable

Extremely Reliable: CV1  1.5% of reading, CV2  0.5% of reading

Wide Range

Range: 0.25-10,00 cP, 11 Ranges in 20:1 spans

Maximum Pressure

Maximum Pressure: Up to 1000 psi

Maximum Temperature

Maximum Temperature: Up to 375 °C


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Custom Products for Unique Requirements

There are many variables that can impact a fluid’s viscosity during processing—including temperature, pressure, shear, and turbulence—all of which can be highly inconsistent in a given process. That’s why accurate and reliable viscosity measurements are so important in process environments.


  • Adaptable interconnectivity
  • Optional Single- and Multi-Channel Interfaces
  • Field-Adjustable Calibration
  • Remote Troubleshooting Capabilities

Process Viscometer Sensors

In-Line and In-Tank Sensors

We have explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof sensor options to fit your needs. Our unique, patented sensors are the key to our highly effective viscometers. Every Cambridge Viscosity viscometer incorporates one of our sensors, which ensures that our viscometers are the most accurate and reliable on the market. 


Process Viscometer Sensors

Take a look inside the sensor technology used on our viscometers to understand their accuracy and reliability.

Start Building Your Viscometer Today.

Every viscometer is custom-built to your unique parameters.