Measuring Viscosity to Improve
Fuel Combustion

Viscosity Analysis Supports Improved Fuel Efficiency and a Reduction in Emissions

Cambridge Viscosity’s viscometers deliver consistent, reliable measurement to ensure tight viscosity control

  • Significantly reduces product variation and ensures on-spec productions
  • Reduces the amount of diluent needed to achieve targeted specifications
  • Increases throughput with less investment in inventory and capital equipment
  • Allows continuous sample measurement with no missed data points and excellent correlation between lab and process results
Measuring Viscosity to Improve Fuel Combustion

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Cambridge Viscosity’s Viscometers Ensure Combustion Efficiency

Combustion efficiency and emissions are directly impacted by the fuel characteristics and how fuel is atomized. Heavy fuel oil presents unique challenges. Known as bunker or “resid,” it is the least-refined, and, thus, the least expensive oil. It also has the most variation, depending on the characteristics of the oil field it was from and how it was processed. Despite this, the fuel viscosity must be tightly controlled in order to control fuel atomization, and thus burn efficiency and emissions.


While heavy fuel oil is the most difficult, other fuels including biofuels require consistent atomization and viscosity control.


Cambridge Viscosity’s automated viscometers are robust, reliable, and self-cleaning. Our measurement and control products support the unique requirements of fuel combustion, providing direct viscosity measurement and control for improved burn efficiency, lower emissions, reduced engine wear, and easier handling.





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