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Compressor and Engine Lubrication

icon-arrow-pointing-rightCambridge Viscosity Supplies Ultra-High-Pressure ViscoLab PVT+ Viscometer Engineered for 100,000 psi Operating Conditions


Refrigerant Lubrication

icon-arrow-pointing-rightCambridge Viscosity Supplies ViscoPro 2100 Viscometers with 372 Sensors for a Customized Lubrication Test Apparatus


Coatings & Inks

icon-arrow-pointing-rightViscosity Analysis Helps Pressroom Converters Reduce Downtime and Minimize Unplanned Maintenance


Enhanced Oil Recovery

icon-arrow-pointing-rightPAC helps increase oil recovery by as much as 20 percent


Enhanced Oil Recovery

icon-arrow-pointing-rightViscoPro 2000 measures polymer brine concentration at low shear conditions


Refinery – Asphalt

icon-arrow-pointing-rightViscoPro 2000 monitors viscosity in asphalt to reduce product variation


Industrial Manufacturing

icon-arrow-pointing-rightOil condition monitoring reduces unexpected failures in engines


Industrial Manufacturing

icon-arrow-pointing-rightMonitoring lube oil viscosity prevents bearing wear and prevent compressor failure.


Industrial Manufacturing

icon-arrow-pointing-rightOil condition monitoring for online lubrication oil monitoring on gas screw compressors


Industrial Manufacturing

icon-arrow-pointing-rightFinding the right balance of lubricants and refrigerants in compressor design


Industrial/Optical Coating

icon-arrow-pointing-rightViscoPro 2000 provides real-time, temperature compensated viscosity control or optical lens coating


Life Sciences

icon-arrow-pointing-rightViscoPro 2000 provides viscosity control of coatings for biomedical applications



icon-arrow-pointing-rightViscoPro 2000 reduces blending time for lubrication product



icon-arrow-pointing-rightViscoPro 2000 monitors and controls heavy fuel oil on shipping vessels

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