About Us: Viscosity Measurement Equipment

Founded with a single goal in mind – to develop and market the finest viscometers available anywhere – Cambridge Viscosity has been pursuing its mission for more than a quarter century. Launched in 1984 as Cambridge Applied Systems, the company surveyed existing viscometers – including capillary, falling-ball, and cup-type – and found them lacking in accuracy, reliability, and repeatability. With its patented, proprietary electromagnetic-based sensor technology, Cambridge Viscosity offers several lines of viscometers that are the gold standard in the viscosity measurement equipment industry.

As the needs for viscometers have grown – both in quantity and complexity – so the requirements for state-of-the-art viscometers have also evolved. Cambridge Viscosity is known not only for its innovative hardware but also for its software, which allows users to precisely manage and control multiple viscometers with ease. Our extensive experience enables us to understand and meet the needs of both laboratory researchers and process environment technicians in a wide range of industries whose jobs depend on the quality, accuracy, and reliability of their viscosity measurement equipment.

Our viscometers are available around the world, through direct sales, or through our agents and distributors.


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