Miniature 501 Viscometer

Cambridge Viscosity’s Miniature Viscometer 501 is Designed for Applications Where Form Factor and Small Sample Value are Important

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Viscosity Range: 0.2 to 500 centipoise (cP)

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Repeatability: ± 0.5%

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Accuracy: ± 1.0%

Maximum Temperature Icon

Maximum Temperature: 190°C (375°F)

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Pressure Range: 1,000 psi (70.3 bar)

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Wetted Parts: 316L or Hastelloy

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SPC501 Sensor

How a Viscometer Sensor Works

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SPC501 - Ideal for Applications Where Small Sample Volume and Form Factor Are Important 


Viscosity  0.5 to 500 centipoise (cP)
Piston Ranges  0.5-10cP, 1-20cP, 2.5-50cP,*
 5-100cP, 10-200cP, 25-500cP
Viscosity Accuracy  ± 1.0%
Repeatability  ± 0.5% of Reading
Temperature Sensor  4 wire internal RTD
Wetted Materials  316L
Maximum Particle Size  25-100 microns (Range Dependent)
Max Ambient Temperature  375°F (190°C)
Max Operating Pressure  1,000 psi (151.6 bar)
Standard Cable Length  15 feet (4.5 meter)
 Requires VISCOpro electronics


SPC 501 drawing



A Small But Powerful Viscometer

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Cambridge Viscosity’s Miniature Viscometer SPC 501 is used extensively for compressor, used oil analysis, on-engine, and hydraulic fluid applications. It is ideal for installations where form factor and small sample volume are important.


Our viscosity management technology is based on a simple and reliable electromagnetic concept.  Two coils move the piston back and forth magnetically at a constant force.  Proprietary circuitry analyzes the piston’s two-way travel time to measure absolute viscosity.


A built-in temperature detector (RTD) senses the actual temperature in the sampling chamber.  Constant in and out motion keeps samples fresh, mechanically scrubs the sampling area, and provides excellent viscosity tracking.


Measurements can be made in any of 6 different 20:1 viscosity ranges between 0.5 and 500 centipoise (cP).


Recommended fluid flow over the sensor is up to 30 cm/sec.



  • Small Sample Size
  • Easily Installed and Serviced
  • One Moving Part, No Wear Points
  • Low Maintenance
  • Internal Platinum Temperature Probe
  • Proven Technology
  • All 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Mates with ½” NPT threaded Opening
  • Self Cleaning
  • No Seals

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  • Bullets are great
  • For spelling out benefits and
  • Turning visitors into leads.