VISCOpro 2000

Online Viscosity Controller for Process Industries

VISCOpro 2000 Online Viscosity Controller—Monitoring and Control for Single-Line Process Environments

Ideal for single-line monitoring and control applications, the VISCOpro 2000 combines powerful electronics with our innovative sensor technology in a single automated viscometer. The VISCOpro 2000 offers automated fluid monitoring for continuous, reliable, accurate viscosity measurement.

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Viscosity Range 0.2-20,000cP 

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Accuracy: 1%

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Repeatability: 0.8%

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Maximum Temperature: Up to 375°C (sensor)

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Maximum Operating Pressure: Up to 5000 psi (sensor)

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Wetted Components: Standard 316L/430 Stainless Steel / other alloys available

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VISCOpro 2000

VISCOpro 2000 provides viscosity, temperature, TCV, and density measurements.

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Complete sensing and control using the VP2000 in-line or in-tank viscometer

Outputs 100-240 VAC, 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 12 W
Repeatability 4 4-20mA; 1 RS232 (standard)/RS485 (optional);
1 5V-TTL alarm; 1 on-off port for alarm or control
Accuracy ± 1.0% of full scale (correlates to ASTM D445)
Repeatability 0.8%
Ranges 0.2-20,000cP (0.2-2cP, 0.25-5cP, 0.5-10cP,
1-20cP, 2.5-50cP, 5-100cP, 10-200cP, 25-500cP, 50-1,000cP, 100-2,000cP, 250-5,000cP,
500-10,000cP, 1,000-20,000cP)
Wetted components Standard 316L/430 Stainless Steel
Optional: Hastelloy and Sanitary Components
Maximum temperature 190°C (sensor); 60°C (display electronics)
Maximum standard operating pressure 1000 psi (70.3 bar)
Optional operating pressure 2000psi (140.2 bar)
Temperature sensor type 4 wire Platinum RTD
Certifications FM, 3A, CE, ATEX - EExdlllC (300 series sensor only) [EEx d IIC T4, -20C<Ta<95C (For SPL Models), EEx d IIC T2, -20C<Ta<190C (For SPL Models)] Factory Mutual - Class 1 Div.1, Group C, D:T3 NEMA4,IP-66


VISCOpro - Online Viscosity Controller for Process Applications

With the VISCOpro 2000 viscometer, menu-driven electronics drive and interpret Cambridge Viscosity’s high-quality in-line and in-tank sensors. Powerful yet easy to use, the VISCOpro 2000 provides viscosity, temperature, temperature-compensated viscosity, and optional density readings on an enhanced visual display panel. Thirteen factory-set standard measurement ranges from 0.2-20,000 cP are available for greater accuracy and process viscosity control.

An intuitive menu allows users to select operating characteristics and control set points and alarms with six different settings.

Features include: 

  • Complete sensing and control using the VP2000 in-line or in-tank viscometer
  • Viscosity, temperature, TCV, and density measurements
  • Thirteen factory-set standard measurement ranges from 0.2-20,000 CP are available for superior accuracy
  • Programming capability for up to 40 different fluid settings, ideal for rapid changovers in process environments
  • Self cleaning, with no mechanical linkages means very little downtime
  • Automatic date and time-coded data logging creates an audit trail to identify errors and changes to the process—and creates quality trends.
  • A supervisory lock-out function prohibits unauthorized viewing of line status or changing of settings

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