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Viscosity Control Improves the Medical Device Manufacturing Process

Nov 10, 2021 2:01:49 PM / by Patrick Riley posted in viscosity measuring solution, viscosity control, coating viscosity, medical devices

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Why Coatings are Important in the Medical Device Industry

Medical professionals are not thinking about the coatings on their instruments when they’re using them – they’re focused whether the instrument is doing its job correctly as it’s being used. However, if the coating on a medical device is off-spec, or too thin or thick, or not displaying the required characteristics, the device may not perform as intended, and the effects can range from a minor distortion of characteristics to unacceptable in-vivo interactions. Quality control in medical device manufacturing is taken very seriously. Off-spec and inconsistent coatings lead to waste, which can be costly.

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The Connection Between Laboratory Viscosity Measurement and Quality

Nov 4, 2020 4:08:49 PM / by Patrick Riley posted in coating viscosity, thin film coating, medical devices, temperature compensated viscosity

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The past eight months have presented us with interesting challenges – and those challenges have definitely hit the medical device industry hard. The manufacturing supply chain has experienced shortages, which means medical device manufacturers are being asked to bring their technologies to market faster. Emergency authorizations mean pre-market review is putting pressure on the R&D process. Viscosity measurement is a critical component in helping medical device manufacturers meet these challenges and get their products out the door faster and at the highest levels of quality.

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