Laboratory Viscometers

Designed specifically for the needs of laboratory environments

Three Fully Configurable ViscoLab Options to Fit Your Needs
ViscoLab PVT+

ViscoLab PVT+

For oil, gas, polymers, and supercritical fluids, ViscoLab PVT+ delivers the highest levels of accuracy, speed, and reliability by measuring seven unique parameters.


ViscoLab 4000

The ultra-small-sample ViscoLab 4000 viscometer provides highly accurate continuous viscosity and temperature readings.


ViscoLab 3000

ViscoLab 3000 is a temperature-controlled viscometer with an integrated heater to accurately deliver measurements at user-defined temperatures.


Exceptional performance and accurate results over a wide range of laboratory settings

Highly Accurate

Highly Accurate: ± 1.0% of full scale

High Performance

High Performance: Repeatability at ± 0.8% of reading

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance: Self-cleaning oscillating piston means low service requirements

Small Sample Size

Small Sample Size: Less than 1.5 ml with the ViscoLab 4000, 2 ml with the ViscoLab 3000, and 6 ml with the ViscoLab PVT. 

Highly Experienced Partner

Excellent Storage Capability: Stores up to 40 product specific test set-ups

Laboratory Technician

Viscometers Designed for the Laboratory

When you need a highly accurate, reliable measurements of a fluid’s viscosity, Cambridge Viscosity’s ViscoLab products are an ideal choice. Because fluid samples are often expensive and in scarce supply, it is important for viscometers to deliver accurate results using very small amounts of sample.

Easy to use and highly compatible with a wide range of laboratory settings, ViscoLab viscometers require very little maintenance and infrequent calibration. And—the best part—they are self-cleaning. 

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Custom Viscometer Systems for Your Unique Requirements

When you have a custom requirement, we have a custom solution. Cambridge Viscosity’s application engineers welcome the challenge to develop a unique solution for your viscosity measurement requirements of its customers. Our engineers are able to develop specialized instrumentation, sensors, and software to solve the most critical demands. For example, we have created sensors designed for high-temperature conditions that can operate at over 375°C, corrosive-resistant sensors, and systems that comply with rigorous 3A sanitary conditions.

Start Building Your Viscometer Today.

Every viscometer is custom-built to your unique parameters.