ViscoLab 3000

Temperature-Controlled Viscometer

A Viscometer for Temperature-Controlled Applications

When viscosity testing requires the sample material to be tested at specific temperatures, Cambridge Viscosity’s ViscoLab 3000 viscometer is the best choice. The ViscoLab 3000 is all that is needed — no separate, bulky, slow-to-respond water bath system is needed. Applications include R&D, quality control labs, and measuring oil viscosity for VI Index.

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Viscosity Range: 0.2-20,000cP

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Temperature Range: Up to 190° C

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Wetted Materials: 316L and 430 stainless steel

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Maximum Particle Size: 360 microns 

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Small Footprint: 12" x 10"

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ViscoLab 3000 Ensures Accurate Measurements at User-Defined Temperatures

Viscosity 0.2 to 20,000 centipoise (cP)
Piston ranges
(up to 12 multiple ranges
can be chosen)
0.2-2cP, 0.25-5cP, 0.5-10cP, 1-20cP,
2.5-50cP, 5-100cP, 10-200cP, 25-500cP,
50-1,000cP, 100-2,000cP, 250-5,000cP,
500-10,000cP, 1,000-20,000cP
Accuracy ± 1.0% of full scale
(± 5% of full scale for the 1,000-20,000cP range)
Repeatability ± 0.8% of reading
Temperature sensor 4 wire internal platinum RTD
Wetted Materials 316L and 430 stainless steel
Maximum particle size 25-360 microns (range dependent)
Temperature Control 15°C above ambient to 356°F (180°C)
Standard cable length 3 feet (0.9 meters)
Power 100-240 VAC/50-60Hz


Continuous Viscosity Measurements, Temperature Measurements, and Temperature-Compensated Viscosity (TCV) 

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The ViscoLab 3000 is a temperature-controlled viscometer that features an integrated heater to accurately deliver measurements at user-defined temperatures ranging from slightly above ambient, all the way to 356°F (180°C). The temperature range of this temperature-controlled viscometer can be extended to -40°C with the optional cooling jacket coupled with an appropriate cooling bath. The sensor is easily field-calibrated and supports any of 13 different viscosity ranges from 0.2-20,000cP (cSt), with up to 40 distinct temperature/viscosity calibrations. This is particularly useful in measuring oil viscosity for VI Index or in used oil analysis labs.

The ViscoLab 3000 uses our innovative electromagnetic sensor and resistance temperature detector to deliver continuous viscosity, temperature, and temperature-compensated viscosity (TCV) readings. The electronics of this viscometer allow users to define temperature compensated viscosity equation values, data averaging interval, alarm points, density, and much more.

This automated viscometer also incorporates our proprietary measurement and reporting software. This software eliminates operator error by measuring the sample multiple times unit the standard deviation over 20 measurements is less than 0.2% before displaying a viscosity value, thus insuring the highest accuracy and repeatability of any laboratory viscometer.


  • Multiple ranges (one piston per range)
  • Insulator cap and sleeve (for operating temperatures above 80°C)
  • Cooling jacket (for re-circulation fluids)

Download the Product Data Sheet

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When you need to accurately deliver measurements at user-defined temperatures ranging from slightly above ambient, all the way to 356°F (180°C), VISCOlab 3000 is the best choice. 

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Download the ViscoLab 3000 Product Data Sheet