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Cambridge Viscosity White Papers


Following is a list of technical white papers available for download in pdf format. We add to this list frequently, so please check back often.


Effective Viscosity Management in Asphalt and Lubrication Oils

There are more than 700 refineries worldwide, with roughly 82 million barrels of oil produced per day.  Viscosity is one on the most critical measures of product quality for virtually every refinery product.


New developments in viscosity measurement are enabling refineries significant improvements in production quality, cost and output.

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Asphalt Viscosity Control

How often does your lab sampling data correlate with product run results? If you answered "almost never", you are not alone!
Download this whitepaper to learn about Cambridge's On-line Viscometer with Real-time Density!
Learn about continuous measurement of sample, no missed data points, and spot-on correlation with lab results!

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Ideal Results in Extreme Conditions: VISCOlab PVT High Pressure and High Temperature Viscosity Measurements

Do you work in extreme conditions in the oil & gas industry?
Download this paper to learn about the high pressure and temperature calibration of the VISCOlab PVT!
Learn what our real-life experts found out in the oil fields and how they achieved ideal results at extreme conditions!

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Foamy Oil PVT and Rheology Measurements

Nasser Albartamani, John Ratulowskim DB Robinson Research Ltd., Edmonton, Canada S.M. Farouq Ali, B. Lepski of Alberta
Presented at The 2nd International Conference on Petroleum and Gas Phase Behaviour and Fouling Copenhagen, Denmark, August 27-31, 2000
Summary: Foamy oil phenomenon is associated with primary cold production, a non-thermal recovery process, from heavy-oil reservoirs producing under solution-gas drive mechanism. The foamy oil hypothesis used to explain the unusually high production is still much debated. 


This paper describes the results of a study in which a series of PVT and viscosity measurements runs were carried out under different conditions to investigate and better understand foamy oil behavior. Viscosity was measured using three different viscometers, Cambridge Electromagnetic (CEV), a JEFRI capillary and Haake Rotovisco RV2 viscometer.
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Lessons Learned: Viscosity Control for Converters

Robert Kasameyer and Patrick Riley
Presented at the 2003 CMM Exhibition 
Summary: Effective viscosity control can dramatically improve throughput and quality in today's converting environments.
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