Measuring Viscosity in Biotechnology Applications

When it comes to Pharmaceuticals and Therapeutics, Viscosity Must Be Precise

  • Tests biological and therapeutic products requiring precise diagnostic agents 
  • Ensures high-throughput screening of new pharmaceuticals and formulations 
  • Helps to assess the viability of implantable devices for drug delivery and tissue repair 
  • Monitors coatings for surgical devices and medical instruments for minimally invasive procedures and therapies 
  • Requires only a small sample size of biological fluids in medical libraries, which are typically only available in small sample sizes 
Biotech Viscosity

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Viscosity Advice

Download our Biomedical Coating Application Note

When coating biomedical products like catheters, hypodermic needles, replacement artificial heart valves, etc., it is necessary to maintain a uniform thickness throughout the manufacturing process. Read more about Cambridge Viscosity's solution. 

Download the Application Note Viscosity Control of Coatings  Used in Biomedical Applications


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Cambridge Viscosity Viscometers are Ideal for Biotech Applications, Where Very Small Sample Sizes Are Required 


Viscosity is a key indicator of quality in a wide range of biotech applications, from pharmaceuticals and mechanical devices to medical laboratories and research centers. Viscosity measurement is important when it comes to determining a wide range of data points—such as at what point can a fluid flow through a syringe? Are shear and cavitation stress impacted by pushing a liquid through a narrow cavity? The list of biotech activities that require process monitoring and measurement of viscosity is long. 


Cambridge Viscosity is playing an important part in the development of new and innovative biotechnical and pharmaceutical solutions by developing robust equipment that accurately measures viscosity in exceptionally small fluid sample volumes. Our viscometers are easy to operate and require very little maintenance. We work closely with biotech companies and universities to assess their specific needs and ensure that our solutions enable them to achieve their goals. 


Whether it’s enabling scientists to know the right size motor to place in a pump so it doesn’t clog, or ensuring that chemicals dissipate at the right rate when introduced into the bloodstream, in both process and laboratory environments our products have a small footprint but a huge impact on success and failure in a wide range of critically important biotech applications. 

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