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We’ll help you understand how flowing liquid will behave in your changing conditions.
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Oil & Gas Exploration

Oil, gas, and gas condensates and other fluids under high pressure conditions 


Fuel Combustion Icon

Fuel Combustion

Increase burn efficiency and reduce engine maintenance


Chemical Processing Icon

Chemical Processing

Improve mixing and blending of chemicals


Oil Analysis and Monitoring

Oil Analysis & Monitoring

Track engine lubricant health and measure bearing surface lubricity <MORE>

Paints, Coatings, and Inks

Paints, Coatings, & Inks

Maintain targeted coating solids, improve film-build consistency, and improve color quality 


Refining Icon


Achieve accurate in-line control


Biotech Icon


Provide accurate and reliable viscosity measurement quickly in a self-cleaning instrument 


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Other Industries

Contact Cambridge Viscosity to discuss your specific application requirements. 


What will your viscometer look like? 

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What will your viscometer look like?
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With Solutions Designed for the Process and the Lab, Cambridge Viscosity Meets the Needs of a Wide Range of Industries

Fluid viscosity is a critical variable in many industries. It can indicate product quality in biotech applications, determine the amount of pressure a fuel oil can withstand, and impact the quality of a coat of paint. It will impact how fast oil will flow through a pipeline, and how efficient the processed end product will perform in an engine.

In many industries, accurate and reliable viscosity information is critical for a high-quality end-product. Cambridge Viscosity has spent the last three decades perfecting our viscometer products and developing a deep level of knowledge about the challenges impacting our target industries.

We provide both monitor-only or monitor and control solutions, and our viscometers have been proven extraordinarily successful in a wide variety of process and laboratory operating conditions for virtually all industries.

We’ve helped thousands of customers achieve reliable results cost-effectively, while minimizing sample requirements and operator-induced errors. Our viscometers are designed to withstand severe, continuous process environments and highly demanding laboratory environments. Our viscometers deliver accurate, reliable results with very little maintenance.

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