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viscosity exploration

Extracting live oil and gas from the earth is challenging. Viscosity provides important information on the field’s make-up and size over time. Unfortunately, getting accurate viscosity information in a safe and cost-effective manner on fluids that exist miles below the surface of the earth is not easy. Pressure and temperature changes cause viscosity readings to fluctuate dramatically, and can be irreversible. These characteristics must be controlled precisely throughout the sample extraction, handling, and analysis for fluid integrity.  The viscosity system must safely provide accurate, repeatable and timely information while using as little sample as possible.

Cambridge Viscosity’s system overcomes these challenges, delivering more accurate results and with significantly less sample and time than competing systems. With higher pressure rating than competing units, Cambridge Viscosity equipment is available in isothermal, pressure-controlled systems and is designed to take multiple measurements on a single sample for statistically verifiable results.

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In addition to oil, our viscometers can accurately measure gas and gas condensates and other fluids under high pressure conditions. They are ideal for:

  • Pressure Volume Temperature (PVT) Analysis
  • Core Analysis
  • Supercritical Fluid Analysis

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