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Cambridge Sells Ultra High Pressure Viscometer to Japanese Oil Giant

Feb 2, 2017 11:30:00 AM / by Admin


Cambridge Viscosity, a leader in advanced laboratory and production viscometer systems, has sold a VISCOpvt system to a leading Japanese oil company. The viscometer system will be used to study the viscosity of supercritical lubricant mixtures at pressures in excess of 260Mpa (37,700 psi).

The company, a large supplier of specialty oils, selected Cambridge Viscosity because of the company’s expertise worldwide in high-pressure core analysis testing and its willingness to work with Japanese regulatory authorities to comply with demanding high-pressure design specifications.

Ken Mann, Asia Pacific Sales Manager, says, "Our viscometer systems are uniquely designed to allow customers to analyze fluids using very small samples, under 2 ml. Not only can we test using small sample size, we can measure those fluids at much higher pressures than ever before. Our customer in Japan is excited that they can evaluate their samples in a real-time simulation of conditions equivalent to actual service conditions of the lubricant.”

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About Cambridge Viscosity

Cambridge Viscosity designs, manufactures and sells laboratory and production viscometers for a wide variety of applications in the oil, coatings and chemical industries for inline and laboratory use. Our patented oscillating piston technology—the basis for ASTM standard D 7483-08—sets Cambridge Viscosity apart from other viscometer manufacturers since we manufacture the only viscometer recognized by ASTM with technology used in both laboratory and production applications.

With just one moving part, a piston driven electromagnetically through fluid in a small measurement chamber, our viscometers are robust, yet low maintenance. Thousands of viscometer systems have been installed in universities, test laboratories, production facilities worldwide. For more information visit:


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