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High Temp, High Shear Viscometers For Asphalt Viscosity Control

Jun 19, 2018 11:00:00 AM / by Admin


Boston, MA - A specialty asphalt manufacturer based in California, USA, has purchased three high temperature viscometers from Cambridge Viscosity to monitor and control asphalt viscosity in real time to more accurately and efficiently meet their unique specifications.

The asphalt company chose Cambridge Viscosity's high temperature viscometer because of the sensor's ability to measure asphalt at process temperature between 400 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit. These technically advanced high temperature in-line viscometers were installed in a bypass line directly off the main asphalt processing line. The impact of real-time viscosity control was immediate, resulting in significant savings in material, processing time and labor.

"Accurate, real time viscosity measurement and control is enabling this refiner to minimize their additive requirements to meet customer specifications, while speeding throughput by hitting customer requirements the first time. In addition, they have saved significant labor costs and lab time," says Cambridge Viscosity Sales Director Patrick Riley. "In addition to meeting the customer's need for high temperature viscosity measurement and real-time data collection, the viscometer system's unique, self-cleaning design enables the asphalt manufacturer to maintain the systems more efficiently, without constant maintenance and re-calibration."

Find out if Cambridge Viscosity's ViscoPro 2100 is the right viscometer for you by filling out the process viscometer data form below. It will walk you through all the key information necessary for finding the right viscometer for your specific needs. It's a quick form, and will help our application engineers understand your application and technical requirements. 

Is VISCOpro Right For Me?

Alternatively, you can contact Cambridge Viscosity by phone at 781-393-6500 or email us at For more information, visit our web site at



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