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Offshore Technology Conference: 2021 Image Gallery

Aug 19, 2021 2:18:51 PM / by Patrick Riley

This week, the Cambridge Viscosity team has been in Houston, Texas for the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). OTC is the largest oil and gas conference in the world. In normal years, attendance is about 59,000 industry professionals. Due to Covid, OTC was canceled in 2020. This year, the event was scaled back in size in consideration of the safety of attendees. Despite being scaled back a bit, the conference has been great. We've have great conversations with industry professionals, who, like us, have been excited to travel for the first time in over a year. 

OTC 2021 - the Cambridge Viscosity team

This is the CVI team in our booth. We're excited to launch our new ViscoLab PVT+, a high-temperature, high-pressure viscometer that features a touchscreen interface with customizable functions to ensure fast access to the right information. The PVT+ measures seven different parameters, which include viscosity, pressure, temperature, TCV, PCV, density, and shear. 

The ViscoLab PVT+ helps operators understand how liquids perform under extreme conditions in applications like reservoir fluid analysis, phase behavior, and supercritical fluid applications. Accuracy, speed, and reliability of the measurements can have a multi-million-dollar impact on operations, and the PVT+ delivers stable, accurate, and repeatable measurements with statistical certainty.


OTC 2021 - industry professionals stop by the booth

Ken Mann and Larry Spino talk about viscometers with an industry professional. 


OTC 2021 - the view from the booth

This is the view from the Cambridge Viscosity booth. Despite being smaller than previous years, OTC was well attended this week. 


OTC 2021 - the view from the booth

This is the view from the Cambridge Viscosity booth looking in the other direction. We had really great booth neighbors this year. 


OTC 2021 talking to industry professionals


If you missed OTC this year and didn't get a chance to see the new ViscoLab PVT+ in person, reach out to our application team for a virtual tour. 

Learn more about the ViscoLab PVT+pvt_system_small


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Patrick Riley

Written by Patrick Riley

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