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Preventative maintenance of my process viscometer

Aug 26, 2020 11:19:26 AM / by Patrick Riley

Cambridge Viscosity process viscometers are known for robust operation and reliability in viscosity measurements. Performing scheduled Preventative Maintenance (PM) on your Cambridge Viscosity viscometer is vital to system operation, longevity, and verification.  Cambridge Viscosity recommends performing PM on your viscometer on an annual basis as defined in our Operational Manual.  PM can be performed at more frequent intervals if deemed necessary due to internal QA or other departmental policies. 

Confirming accurate and reliable operation will give you confidence in the viscosity measurements made by your CVI viscometer.  It also will provide you with the opportunity to visually inspect the sensor and piston which are inaccessible during normal process operations.

Preventative Maintenance of the viscometer is a two part procedure.  The first part is removing the sensor from the process lines, setting it up on a stand and conducting a thorough cleaning.  The sensing piston should also be removed and cleaned as well during this time.  This is a simple seven step process which should only take a few moments to complete.

The second Preventative Maintenance process is to to perform a check of viscometer system accuracy using a certified calibration fluid.  This validates viscosity measurements for both accuracy and reliability.  This is a simple three step procedure which can be performed quickly as well.

We have provided a step by step video detailing the Cambridge Viscosity's recommended Preventative Maintenance procedures for reference.

It is important to use current calibration fluids which have not expired.  Each new Cambridge Viscosity laboratory and process viscometer will ship with the accessory kit which includes a container of up-to-date calibration fluids.  Accessory kits with cleaning supplies and calibration fluids can be purchased directly from CVI for your convenience if your fluid has expired or additional cleaning supplies are needed.

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Patrick Riley

Written by Patrick Riley

Vice President of Process Analytics

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