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Employee Spotlight: Thinesh Rajan

Feb 23, 2023 1:24:19 PM / by Patrick Riley

Employee Spotlight: Thinesh Rajan

This week’s Employee Highlight introduces Thinesh Rajan. Thinesh has had a long career with Roper Technologies Inc. Starting in 2005 in AMOT, Thinesh was hired in a business development role based in Singapore, which included sales, marketing, and service support of customers in Southeast Asia. He was transferred to PAC in July 2019 as a business development manager for Asia Pacific region covering Advanced Sensors products, and later covering the Middle East region, as well. This year, Thinesh has accepted the position of Asia Business Development Manager for Process Solutions, with overall responsibility for sales of Advanced Sensors, Process Core (N-Sure, MicroDist, and ViscoSure), Phase Technology and Cambridge Viscosity brand online analytical instruments. Together, these PAC brands make up PAC's Process Solutions business unit.

Thinesh graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Engineering in Instrumenation from Bharathiyar University in India, and later completed his MBA in marketing management from Annamalai University. He moved to Singapore in 2002, just a few years before joining AMOT. More than half of his career has been spent with Roper group companies. We asked him what his favorite job as been over that 17+ year period.

Thinesh said, “I’ve amassed a lot of stories over the years, but I think one of my favorite things I’ve done is working with Advanced Sensors Ltd UK in supporting the upstream oil and gas customers with our oil in water analytical instruments. This is the time that I had the opportunity to connect with thousands of instrument and analyzer engineers, and interact extensively with these complex field instruments." 

When asked what made that part of his career so interesting, he continued, “It was really challenging to do the project management of skid mounted instruments with major EPCs starting from the kick-off meeting until commissioning of the same in the offshore fields. We learned significantly by complying to the extensive documentation requirements of major national oil companies for FPSO projects.”

In his new role as a business development manager for Process Solutions, Thinesh will continue to have opportunities to have highly technical conversations throughout the region. PAC’s newly formed Process Solutions group is a re-alignment of complementary brands whose objective is to improve operational efficiencies, invest in R&D, and better support the end customers. Thinesh has a new portfolio of solutions focused on the process industry to present to his customers.

Prior to joining AMOT in 2005, Thinesh held three jobs. His post-college job includes construction of refinery & a power plant in India. Later, he became a commissioning engineer for an offshore company that focused on building offshore platforms, FPSO for upstream production. With this background, he’s familiar with the process side of the energy industry and is looking forward using his technical experience to connect with customers.

thineshHowever, he believes the most important skill he brings with him to the new role is his ability to communicate and connect with the customers. He takes advantage of email, Teams, WhatsApp, and other channels to stay connected with customers whenever they need him, and he strives to respond as fast of possible.

When he’s not working, Thinesh often can be found reading or jogging, where he runs between 12-15 km each weekend. He also enjoys social volunteering and participating in his Toastmasters club.

PAC’s Process Solutions group,  including Cambridge Viscosity,  is focused on process analytics, instrumentation, and solutions. If you’d like to speak to one of our experts like Thinesh, reach out to us:

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