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Oil Viscosity Index Standardized Using In-line Viscometer

Sep 10, 2020 8:26:16 AM / by Admin

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A leading worldwide maker of premium base oil for lubricants, based in the western United States, has standardized on Cambridge Viscosity process viscometers for all viscosity index (VI) refinery applications. Viscosity Index indicates how the oil viscosity changes with temperature, and is a critically important parameter in lubrication oil, as it is a primary indicator to characterize their behavior with respect to temperature. Incorporating VI measurement directly in their process lines allows this refiner real-time control in making premium products.  The viscosity index can be calculated using ASTM Method D2270, which calculates viscosity index by measuring the kinetic viscosity of liquids at 40°C and 100°C. 

“We tested the Cambridge Viscosity viscometers extensively and selected them for their accuracy, reliability and ease of installation and use,” says the chief engineer for the oil refinery company. “We use two viscometers in each line to measure the lube oil at 40°C and 100°C, so that we know the viscosity index real-time throughout the process.”

“Accurate, real time viscosity measurement enables this refiner to monitor and control the viscosity index of their premium base oils throughout manufacture, which improves product quality and refinery throughput,” says Cambridge Viscosity Engineering Manager Jon Lilley. “In addition to being precise and dependable, Cambridge Viscosity viscometers are very small for ease of installation directly in-line or in bypass conditioning systems. The viscometer’s self-cleaning design enables the refiner to operate without costly maintenance and re-calibration.”

If you have any questions about Cambridge Viscosity viscometers or a specific application, we invite you to reach out and schedule time to talk to one of our application experts, who are always happy to schedule time to talk to you via phone or virtual meeting. 


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