Measure Protein Viscosity with New Micro-Sample Viscometer

Cambridge Viscosity Announces New Micro-sample Viscometer

Viscometer Used to Measure Protein Viscosity and Other BioTech Applictions

Boston-based Cambridge Viscosity, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-quality viscometers for laboratory and process environments, has announced the development of a new viscosity measurement system, the VISCOlab 5000 micro-sample viscometer.

Designed for laboratory use, particularly in drug discovery, measuring protein viscosity, and other biotech applications, the VISCOlab 5000 provides accurate and reliable results using only 75 microliters of sample — the smallest requirement for any automated viscosity measurement system.

Responsive to customers

“We’re committed to being responsive to customer needs,” says Arthur D. Hindman, executive vice president of Cambridge Viscosity. “While we offer a full line of laboratory viscometers with low sample size requirements, one of our customers had a specific need for a device capable of measuring limited quantities of expensive fluids. Our engineers responded with the VISCOLab 5000, a system that sets a new standard for more cost-effective analysis of precious fluids.”

Automated and accurate

With the VISCOlab 5000, samples are introduced to the measurement chamber manually via a pipette. The rest of the process is fully automatic. The VISCOlab 5000 controls the temperature of the sample, measures its viscosity, processes the data, and displays the results on the unit’s easy-to-read screen or sends them to an optional printer.

User-friendly, easy to clean, and accurate within 1% of calibration points, the VISCOlab 5000 brings remarkable new viscosity measurement capabilities to laboratory environments.

Learn More

To learm more about the VISCOlab 5000, download the VISCOlab 5000 product sheet (pdf), view the VISCOlab 5000 webpage, or call 781 393-6500, or email