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Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc. (EMD) Uses Cambridge Oil Viscosity Sensors on Their Most Advanced Production Engines

Cambridge Viscosity is the production supplier of oil condition sensors for Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc. (EMD) H-series engine. EMD’s most advanced engine sports a brand new 4-cylinder design and has been installed in five offshore supply tugs for Tidewater, a multinational oil field service company. In recent pulling capacity tests, these vessels have broken world records and are among the most advanced hybrid diesel-electric vessels in the world.

Cambridge Sensor

Cambridge’s sensors are OEM equipment for this engine and have been certified by the American Bureau of Shipping for their fuel leak detection capability. ABS testing included:

  • Performance testing at EMD’s stateside facilities
  • In-service acceptance testing for every installation on the vessel.

In-Service Results

The initial five vessels are being constructed in Yantai, China. On-board the first vessel the Cambridge sensor detected contaminated oil in the engine. Hydraulic oil had inadvertently been loaded along with lubrication oil in the crankcase. As a result, the problematic oil was replaced prior to the all-important engine break-in period. The shipbuilder maintained better oil handling procedures for the remaining newbuilds.

In addition, fuel leak alarming from the Cambridge sensors has proven highly accurate and sensitive, exceeding initial expectations.

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img_article_gm_engine_largeCambridge Viscosity is the production supplier of oil viscosity sensors to monitor potential fuel dilution in EMD's high performance H-series engines.


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