Bunker Quality: In-Line Viscosity
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Earlier this month, CVI released the latest version of VISCOpro software (version P1.08.9) that offers new features as well as an improved user interface. A few of the features include:

  • Streamlined menus, that require minimal user input
  • Viscosity displayed in units of Saybolt Seconds Universal (SSU) as well as Centistokes (cSt) and Centipoises (cP)
  • Self-Cleaning operation of sensor
  • Maximum Operating Temperature has been increased from 190°C to 370°C

img_article_viscopro_draw.gifCVI provides a complete line of both process and laboratory viscometers that operate with only one moving part, a stainless steel piston that is forced up and down within a sample of fluid by electromagnetic force. Thanks to a simple design Cambridge viscometers are highly accurate, easy to install and relatively maintenance free.

Thousands of CVI viscometers have been installed with such companies as Maersk Line Ltd, NOL/American President Lines/ASM, Westfalia Separators, General Motors and GE Power Systems.

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