Accurate Viscosity Measurement, Even in Your Most Challenging Applications

Industry-Leading Products for Dynamic Viscosity Measurement

Our Viscometers are Accurate, Repeatable, and Reliable

Laboratory Viscometers

CVI's VISCOlab products are easy to use and easy to integrate into a wide range of laboratory settings. 

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VISCOpro 2100

Process Viscometers

CVI's VISCOpro products combine accuracy and reliability with flexibility and functionality.

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Industry-Leading Products for Viscosity Measurement

Cambridge Viscosity’s viscometers measure fluid viscosity at the highest levels of precision using a small sample size. Our unique oscillating piston technology delivers a highly accurate repeatable measurement, while also continuously cleaning the chamber. 

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Our viscometers are used in many industries around the world. 

Over the last 35 years, Cambridge Viscosity has installed thousands of viscometers, most of which are still at work in laboratory and process applications around the world, in the automotive industry, petroleum, printing, biotechnology, and a host of other environments. They are precisely measuring the viscosity of fluids that include oil, inks, paints, coatings and a wide range of pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Industry Highlights
Oil and Gas Viscometer Solutions
Refining Viscometer Solutions
Biotech Viscometer Solutions
Paints, Inks, & Coatings Viscometer Solutions
Oil Analysis and Monitoring Viscometer Solutions
Industry-Specific Viscometer Solutions

It's our mission to develop and market the finest viscometers available anywhere. 

Since 1984, Cambridge Viscosity has been manufacturing and supplying the industry’s most accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use viscometers to process facilities and laboratories to more than 75 countries around the world. 

Known for innovative hardware and highly flexible, user-friendly software, Cambridge Viscosity employs highly talented individuals with extensive experience in a wide range of industries, allowing us to understand and meet the needs of both lab researchers and process environment technicians. 

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Case Studies

VISCOpro 2000 Monitors & Controls Heavy Fuel Oil on Shipping Vessels

The VISCOpro 2000 in-line viscometer automatically measures the viscosity of the heavy fuel oil, enabling ship operators to properly adjust the operating parameters so combustion takes place at peak efficiency. DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION NOTE.


Viscosity control of coatings for biomedical applications

Using temperature-compensated viscosity, CVI negates the affects of temperature on viscosity measurement and provides a true reflection of the percent of solids in the fluid to ensure that a proper and uniform film thickness is applied. DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION NOTE.


VISCOpro 2000 reduces blending time for lubrication product

A customer wanted to more accurately predict the blending time of their lubrication product. CVI performed a trial to help the process engineers determine how quickly the fluid in the tank became homogenous during the blending process, discovering that blending was done much earlier than expected. DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION NOTE. 

gas screw compressor

Oil condition monitoring for online lubrication monitoring

A refinery found that monitoring lubricant temperature wasn’t sufficient to protect their compressor bearings in applications where process starts and stops can occur. CVI saved the lab and technician time, and reduced the chance of damaging the equipment. DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION NOTE. 

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Highly Accurate

Accurate Results

Extremely Reliable

Extremely Reliable

Easily Installed & Serviced

Easily Installed & Serviced

Self Cleaning Viscometer

Self Cleaning

Small Sample Size

Small Sample Size

Proven Technology

Proven Technology

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