ATEX Approved, Explosion Proof Viscometer

explosion proof viscometer

Meeting the Demands

Where combustible vapors are present, electrical devices need to be isolated to prevent explosions.  Cambridge Viscosity has developed a new ATEX approved, explosion-proof electronics enclosure for its viscometers that enables our electronics to be in hazardous locations.  The viscometer enclosure was created to meet the demands of challenging process environments in many industries. 

Continued Success

Cambridge’s explosion-proof viscometer sensors have long been used in hazardous environments and with this latest development, users have immediate control of their sensors, even in hazardous settings. Cambridge’s VISCOpro 2000 ATEX Gc utilizes a purged cabinet for electronic installations in hazardous environments to house Cambridge’s famous VISCOpro 2000 electronics. Cambridge’s entire viscometer system can be installed in difficult Zone 2 environments where local display, interface and controls are necessary.  Improving safety and control of complex chemical processes is important to Cambridge and with our new ATEX approved viscometer electronics, challenging work environments became safer.

Key Features

  • Initial purge flow removes gasses
  • Post purge cycle maintains pressurization
  • Full control of VP2000 through actuators
  • Clear visual status indication
  • Color coded alarm pressure warnings
  • Remote alarm contacts for intrinsically safe circuits
  • Alarm alerts user and process line if viscosity goes out of range
  • Data monitoring/collection/storage of viscosity, temperature, Temperature Controlled Viscosity, and control data in real time

Technical Drawing

explosion proof viscometer


viscometer specs

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