Cambridge Viscosity Systems Eliminate Paint Problems Before They Happen

In an auto industry that is more competitive than ever, any technology that enhances quality is well worth considering – especially when the benefits far outweigh any costs.

That's why automakers around the world are adding Cambridge Viscosity measurement systems to their quality portfolios.

Cambridge Viscosity systems are proven assets in preventing and solving paint problems.

Viscosity is Critical in Paint Quality

Paint quality has an obvious impact on manufacturing costs, sales and maintenance. Deficiencies found during and after manufacturing mean higher levels of scrap and rework, higher warranty costs, more maintenance issues – and unhappy buyers.

And viscosity plays a critical role in paint quality.

Paint viscosity issues lead directly to runs, drips and sags, thin coats, “orange peel,” inconsistent colors and other serious problems – defects that have been found in more than ten percent of painted surfaces.

Cambridge Viscosity Systems Eliminate Problems Before They Happen

The only way to effectively deal with paint problems is to keep them from happening. That's what Cambridge Viscosity systems do.
Cambridge Viscosity systems enable users to establish and maintain the constant control they need to make sure that paints are right before they are applied. They make it possible to create uniformity, maintain proper solvent ratios, assure that color components meet acceptable limits, and reduce the reworking of parts.

Results That Make Measurable Differences Around The World

Cambridge Viscosity systems produce measurable, quantitative improvements with bottom-line impacts in critical areas.

Benefits include fewer finishing defects and less waste, higher productivity, and repeatable problem-solving approaches.

In today's global economy, Cambridge Viscosity systems and support are available wherever they are needed. Costs are low and the benefits are high.

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